Konpirasi Dunia - Penjajahan menggunakan wang Fiat


The seminar “Financial Turbulence and the Role of Gold” held at Tabung Haji in Kelana Jaya on 16 January 2010 was a success signaling an increasing grass roots awareness about upcoming financial Big Bang: the hall was full up, nearly 500 participants from all over Malaysia came to learn about the most urgent issue of the day – MONEY.

Muamalah Council congratulates the organizer, Public Gold International Bhd, with the success and thanks its leaders, Chairman Mr. Louis Ng and CEO Mr. Branson Saw, for inviting our experts, Prof. Umar Vadillo and Hajia Nik Mahani, to speak in the seminar. Mr. Louis, being not Muslim yet, is nevertheless one of the great Mujahids of Malaysia tirelessly fighting against Usury, his company’s slogan says it all: To Provide Mankind With The Most Stable and Only Truly International Currency. It is Mr. Louis’ vision and passion that allowed Public Gold International within short span of time to become a leading one-stop center with fully integrated gold trading facilities in Malaysia. Muamalah Council Malaysia in the person of its chairman Hajj Umar Azmon wishes Mr. Louis and Public Gold a resounding success and Happy Chinese New Year.

Once again, in front of 500 Malaysians representing various states, Umar Pasha shook up the Pillars of Capitalism, once again he proclaimed Truth in the Realm of lies

He declared:
“You can celebrate Merdeka only when Bank Negara disappears from your land, until then it is too early for Merdeka”.
What Prof.Umar meant was that people must realize that banks are not good institutions helping poor people to own houses, cars and businesses, the opposite is true – it is precisely because of modern banking credit system the prices are driven up and economy is dried out at such a pace that it becomes impossible for 95% of population, who are not involved in speculative economy, to save and buy a house, hence the only way for them to own a house is to surrender to Banksters and become their slaves for the rest of their productive lives and often beyond.

Existence of these parasites called “banks” depends upon sucking the blood of these 95% of honest folks who give the country real goods and service; so when these people will say “We don’t need banks!” and start creating new wealth based on physical money and assets, the whole edifice of capitalist casino will collapse like WTC towers on 9/11 but without a single dynamite, it will implode because its foundation, people, have unbent their backs.

He then told the public that Merdeka was given to Malaysia in exchange for adopting constitution which must have had three elements – central bank, paper currency and national debt. Prof. Umar explained why these three elements guaranteed the continuation of colonial destiny of Malaysia. So when US government borrows 1 trillion dollars from The Federal Reserve to bail out Lehman Brothers and other thieves from Wall Street, not only American taxpayers but every Malaysian will be paying for it because the US dollar is a reserve currency of the entire world.

Umar Pasha asked the audience:
“Who do you think is paying for Obama’s bailout? All of you sitting in this hall are paying for Obama’s bailout with the ringgits in your pockets! And did your Bank Negara say a word of protest about this insanity? No. Only Chinese Central Bank was outraged, because they suddenly realized that it took their entire nation 20 years of hard labor to pile up 1 trillion US dollars, and here was a smart guy printing 1 trillion over weekend”.
What will happen if Bank Negara will go to the Federal Reserve and hand to them all its US dollars and say: Please give me dollars. They will get nothing because dollar is not even a promissory note redeemable in gold as paper money had historically always been; since 1971 Fed decided they had a right to manufacture money out of paper and ink for the whole world without any accountability.

So had decided Bank Negara for the country called Malaysia. Why? Because firstly, nobody could police the United Sated; secondly, the bankers and politicians all over the world found it convenient too to produce money out thin air. “Nobody yet answered my question in this country, what is Ringgit? I know what is Dinar, it is 4.25 gram of 22 carat gold, but what is ringgit I really don’t know”, – said Umar Pasha. He continued pointing out that Ringgit was a worthless piece of paper just as US dollar but the real problem was not that Ringgit or Dollar were pieces of paper, the real problem was that Ringgit had been imposed as the only money for Malaysia in the same way US dollar was for the world.

And the fact that this greatest hoax in the history of mankind goes on with impunity only shows the tremendous degree of brainwashing the modern societies have undergone. The situation is as hilarious as the one during the Spanish colonization of America when the Spaniards used to give the native aborigines little mirrors and get in exchange gold. “Today people laugh reading that piece of history thinking how ignorant were the American Indians but are we any different from them if we give our gold, silver, aluminum, oil, gas and whatever we have for green pieces of paper? What will our grandchildren say about us?” – exclaimed Umar Pasha.

Umar Pasha further reasoned that “the fact that all constitutions in the world – the world which cannot agree on whether to have left-hand or right-hand traffic – have been mysteriously harmonized on these three most crucial issues in any nation’s sovereignty and welfare, only shows the degree of enslavement of the entire mankind by the Masters of Riba”.

He then went on to explain why Gold Dinar didn’t happen during Dr Mahathir’s time when so much had been spoken about it. Basically there were two reasons why Mahathir failed to introduce Gold Dinar.

Firstly, because he mistook the idea of Gold Dinar with the idea of Gold Standard, hence he asked Bank Negara to work out the implementation plan. “It was a very wrong step, because Banking and Shariah Money are opposites, they are like water and fire, one cannot succeed without elimination of the other, i.e. if Dinar and Diram become a medium of exchange banking institutions will vanish because there will be no way for them to create credits out of thin air. Thus to ask Bank Negara to implement Gold Dinar is in effect asking wolf to take care of your sheep”, - said Umar Pasha.

So, Bank Negara created so-called “Gold Dinar Proposal of Malaysia” under which not even a single coin was required to be ever minted. Umar Pasha told the audience an anecdote which was a true story: he was in the OIC meeting in Jeddah where the Gold Dinar Proposal of Malaysia was presented, after the presentation he raised hand and asked the lady representing Bank Negara: “this proposal doesn’t need the dinar, why don’t you remove the word dinar from the title of the proposal”, and the lady said: “yes, it is good suggestion”, and they removed it! So it became “Gold Proposal of Malayisa”. But the next day they put it back again! They must have realized overnight that it would be very difficult for them to explain to Dr Mahathir how his famous idea suddenly lost at least half of its meaning.

The second cause of Mahathir’s failure to implement Gold Dinar was his erroneous notion to implement Gold Dinar only outside of Malaysia, hence he proposed Gold Dinar to OIC as reserve currency for the trade settlements. OIC is perhaps one of the most inept organizations in the history of mankind, pushing realization of such a project through OIC was pre-determined to fail. “I told Dr Mahathir, I warned him about wrong direction he chose for Gold Dinar, but instead of listening to me he listened to Nor Mohamed Yakcop” – said Umar Pasha.

Islamic Gold Dinar is a physical coin in the hands of people, not Central Banks. There will be electronic payment technologies integrated into the payment system but only to support the physical economy in which physical goods and services exchanged for physical coins on spot transactions, and most of all, Zakat the third pillar of Islam must be paid with physical Dinar and Dirham hand to hand.

“If we follow the Deen of Allah we shall most certainly succeed in this world and the hereafter, if we follow the Kuffar we’ll end up in disaster as we already did”, - concluded his speech Umar Pasha.

During lunch break one participant, with who I was chatting, said: “What Mr. Umar speaks about is true but his statements are too shocking, I think his style shouldn’t be so aggressive”.

I replied:
“We are all being f**cked by kafir enemies day and night to the point we’ve got used to it, don’t you realize that only someone very different from us all can come out and say loud and clear – THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! STOP IT NOW! Don’t you want to gather remaining dignity left in you and stand up behind the general who threw himself first in the battle? Don’t you feel like shedding tears that Allah Subhanahu still loves us, for despite our total submission to Kuffar, He The Merciful raised such a man among us?”
Baca dan cuba fahami apa yang hendak disampaikan oleh Mr. Gany melalui apa yang beliau dengar melalui diskusi di Tabung Haji. Mr. Gany juga merupakan seorang yang arif dan juga aktivis dalam bidang mualamat Islam ini.
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